Help Designed to address data integration issues in clinical data management. It is a multi-tier, generic, and open environment with integrated industry standards (such as CDISC standards) that gives enterprise level data engineering capability to pharmaceuticals and biotech companies of any size. Hapr's metadata driven approach enables users to focus on business operations, and not technical implementations.



The quality of submission data is of paramount importance. Over time and many study preparations, EDATAKA  has accumulated a large base of domain specific knowledge, industry best practices, and validation checks. In order to maximize the effectiveness of quality assurance measures, EDATAKA has developed a controlled system that measures and monitors data quality metrics. The results can be easily accessible to all relevant parties. Such implementation ensures that data issues are discovered early and the effectiveness of fixes can be tracked. The end result is high quality deliverable, with reduced time/cost, and less efforts of manual investigation.


Quality is integrated into the entire clinical study process and not just through validation points at various stages. EDATAKA  provides complete quality assurance leveraging the EDE-CHECKTM framework, which incorporates planning, oversight, monitoring, and verification to assure the highest level of data quality in clinical studies.

  • Integrating EDATAKA's standard operating procedures (SOPs) for trial execution with those from the client

  • Systematic development, implementation, and investigation of Edit Checks

  • Complete transparency of both the data and process

  • Complete audit trails

  • Integrity validation of the data throughout the data collection process

  • Consistent monitoring and review by the Quality Assurance team.

  • Proactive risk assessments and evaluation, followed by remedial actions



In order to completely unlock the information from clinical results, EDATAKA  provides the comprehensive reporting solution that is an integrated part of Panther Intelligence Platform. Capitalizing on universal clinical trial logical model and leveraging Panther's user-friendly semantic, users are able to create both standard and customized reports with great confidence. The built-in execution engine, versatile report generation, and data visualization technologies enable users to get the right report with the right format at the right time.